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Anglican Prayer Beads

Anglican prayer bead sets consist of thirty three beads divided into groups. There are four groups consisting of seven beads called Weeks. The single bead and all four form the shape of a cross. The bead above the cross is called the invitatory bead, this is an invitation to praise and worship God.

Made up of glass coloured beads on a base metal chain and cross. 
Comes in a presentation box with a card with description and diagram of how to use the prayer beads.

Approximately 33cm in length from the top bead to the base of the cross.

The design in the photo shows the red beaded version, we also stock a clear or blue version, if you would like a different colour please leave a comment or email us your preference.

The balanced structure of the Anglican prayer beads in groups of four and seven should remind us of the temporal week as well and the seasons of the Church Year. It is a reminder of wholeness and divine creation. It is suggested that as one prays around the circle at an unhurried pace this enables the mind to rest and the heart to become quiet and still.

Anglican Prayer Beads
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