St Paul's Cathedral Factivity Book
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St Paul's Cathedral Factivity Book

YOU are about to discover St Paul’s Cathedral!
Be prepared to explore 300 years of history, be amazed by world famous
art and architecture and inspired by great people and their faith.
Why not take this super-cool ‘Factivity Book’ with you on your adventure through the Cathedral?
There’s things to spot and spy, questions and quizzes, puzzles, fascinating facts … and even stuff to do after your visit!
St Paul’s Cathedral really is a very special place –
here’s your chance to experience it all!

Ages 7-11
24 pages
30cm x 21cm
Publisher: Andrew Humphries
Illustration and Design: Jasmine Paker
Contributors: Garry Shrimpton and Donna McDowell
St Paul's Cathedral Factivity Book
£ 4.99
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