The London Treasure Trail
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The London Treasure Trail

Tembo the baby elephant will lead you on a day out to remember on this route from Holborn to Kensington.

Along the way you'll uncover all sorts of hidden treasures, from streets filled with jewels to a hidden city jungle. There are two bus rides, a house filled with special treasures, and at the end of the day, a garden in the sky.

Best of all, you will find the real Baby Tembo and his special friend who lives just a few metres away.

The London Treasure Trail is packed with surprises and delight, indoors and out, high up and low down - it's a day you really will treasure!

Route distance
About 3 miles, or 5 kilometres, plus two bus rides

About 5 hours at a gentle pace with breaks
21cm x 15cm


The London Treasure Trail
£ 5.00
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