Down by the Thames
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Down by the Thames

Wander through 2,000 years of London's history in the company of Octavius the Octopus, who lives by the river.

Walk a spiral slope, diagonal steps and stunning bridges. See Octavius's Top Treasures all along the route, and find out where he lives.

As you make your way from Tower Hill to Hungerford Bridge you will see all sorts of beautiful and interesting buildings, learn fascinating facts and uncover hidden surprises.

There are eye-spy photos on every page, and fun things to do on the Rest-your-legs pages.

The virtually traffic-free route means that Down by the River is particularly suitable for families with younger children.
Route distance
About 3 miles, or 5 kilometres

About 5 hours at a leisurely pace,
with rests and picnic
21cm x 15cm


Down by the Thames
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