St Paul's Cathedral cut and glue model set
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St Paul's Cathedral Mini Model Kit

Each set contains the blueprint cards. The size of the cards is perfect for cutting out the parts of the model. The cards are printed on carefully chosen paper selected to make it simple to cut and fold, so a six year old can achieve it while still ensuring the assembled models look sturdy.

The blueprint cards have two sides that are aligned very precisely:

1 - on the front side you will find graphics of all the exterior details - doors, windows, balconies, roofs etc.
2 - on the reverse sides of the cards the cutting and folding patterns are printed.

As the graphics and the cutting pattern are printed on two different sides, it makes it easy to focus on cutting the parts out smoothly and precisely, as well as following the guidelines to assemble the model correctly. The main bonus with our design is the lack of written guidelines on display on your finished masterpiece, as they are on the reverse of the cards.

Numbers on both sides of the blueprint cards ease the assembling of the model - just follow the sequence.

Pack of two cut and glue models
Size of the package: 13 x 10.7 x 0.5cm 
Dimensions of each model: 7.5 x 16 x 11cm 
St Paul's Cathedral Mini Model Kit
£ 6.00
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7 - 10 days unless specified