Fair Trade Ganchhen Banana Yarn Scarf (Yellow)
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Fair Trade Banana Yarn Scarf (Yellow)

We have teamed up with four BAFTS suppliers to create an exclusive range for St Paul's inspired by the mosaics in the Cathedral.

The eco-friendly vegan Ganchhen has a natural texture and tasselled ends; it's warm, cosy and supersized - doubling as a blanket or throw.

Dimensions: 170 x 75cm.

Sustainable banana fibre is produced from the waste foliage of the banana plant, grown in the Terai flat farming area of South Nepal. The plant has to be cut back after the fruit harvest so that it regrows for the next season, so trading this waste product provides an extra income to the farmers. Only azo-free dyes are used for our banana fibre.

Handwoven in Deepchand's workshop in Bhaktapur, which employs local women who work flexible hours near their homes. They prepare the looms, spin the bobbins and weave the fabric for the scarves.

The colours of these scarves are exclusive to St Paul's Cathedral as part of our BAFTS/Mosaic collaboration.

Ganchhen Banana Yarn Scarf (Yellow)
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