God Is Not A White Man
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God Is Not A White Man

And Other Revelations

What does it mean when God is presented as male?

What does it mean when - from our internal assumptions to our shared cultural imaginings - God is presented as white?

These are the urgent questions Chine McDonald asks in a searing look at her experience of being a Black woman in the white-majority space that is the UK church - a church that is being abandoned by Black women no longer able to grin and bear its casual racism, colonialist narratives and lack of urgency on issues of racial justice.

Part memoir, part social and theological commentary, God Is Not a White Man is a must-read for anyone troubled by a culture that insists everyone is equal in God's sight, yet fails to confront white supremacy; a lament about the state of race and faith, and a clarion call for us all to do better.

'This book is much-needed medicine for a sickness that we cannot ignore.' The Most Rev. Michael B. Curry

256 pages
Author: Chine McDonald
God Is Not A White Man (Hodder)
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