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Holst - The Planets

This is one of the most staggering organ recordings to have ever been made! Simon Johnson was originally sceptical about Priory’s Callum Ross suggesting to him that it would make an ideal recording in the vast acoustics of St Paul’s Cathedral in London.
The discovery of Peter Sykes brilliant arrangement answered all the doubts that Simon Johnson had and he set about learning this incredible score. The organ was of course a willing partner and the notorious acoustic – so often the cause of debate in relation to musical performances – seems to help project the scale and metaphysical properties of Holst’s original conception in a positive and dramatic way.

"This is a thrilling CD!" - Lark Reviews

"The organ of St Paul's Cathedral is notoriously difficult to record, so hats off to Paul Crichton for effectively taming the beast in Simon Johnson's spectacular as he journeys from Mars to Neptune. Johnson has impressive technique, colouring and characterisation." - Jeremy Nicholas - Gramophone

"The cavernous acoustics of St Paul's Cathedral provide a perfect arena for Simon Johnson's barnstorming performance.... There is beauty and brawn aplenty here in Johnson's now subtle, now stirring accounts. The disc benefits from Priory's characteristically well framed sound and informative notes." - Michael Quinn - Choir and Organ

1 The Planets: Mars the Bringer of War Gustav Holst 7:34
2 The Planets: Venus: The Bringer of Peace Gustav Holst 8:46
3 The Planets: Mercury: The Winged Messenger Gustav Holst 4:50
4 The Planets: Jupiter: The Bringer of Jollity Gustav Holst 8:27
5 The Planets: Saturn: The Bringer of Old Age Gustav Holst 8:57
6 The Planets: Uranus: The Magician Gustav Holst 6:17
7 The Planets: Neptune: The Mystic Gustav Holst 7:17
8 St Paul's Suite: Jig Gustav Holst 3:44
9 St Paul's Suite: Ostinato Gustav Holst 2:02
10 St Paul's Suite: Intermezzo Gustav Holst 4:19
11 St Paul's Suite: Finale (The Dargason) Gustav Holst 4:28
Holst - The Planets
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